1Who is Lakerm Laboratories ?
Lakerm Laboratories is your Product Development Laboratory. We offer full ownership of custom cosmetic formulations to our clients and have continuously provided innovative formulas that drive market trend and consumer demand.
2What type of product formulas can you create?
We specialize in several segments of the Health & Beauty industry. Amongst those are hair care, skin care, over the counter, topical pharmaceutical, food supplements, we have 100% all natural, certified organic, industrial and high technology ingredients and actives. Our service is very peronalized, where we adapt us to the needs of our clients. Our team of profesionals wiht more than 15 years of experience, we give support to all our clients in all the process, starting from the formulation till the market launch. If I get my formula developed by your company do I have full ownership of that formula? Yes. Our clients have 100% full ownership of their formula once the formulation stage has been completed and paid in full.
3 What happens after formulation?
We at Lakerm Laboratories pride ourselves in not only delivering the best quality formulations, but also in bridging the gap between the formulation and manufacturing stages. We also have an onsite design team that provides various design services. Why should I choose Freelance Formulations to develop my formula?
4Why should I choose Lakerm Laboratories ?
We are passionate about what we do, and we care about your brand and your story. We offer completely custom formulas down to each and every ingredient. We combine research with creativity to help you realize your dream and we know developing the right product can be overwhelming. We are there with you every step of the way, from formulation to branding and logo design to setting you up with manufacturing and packaging.
5How long will it take to develop my formula?
Typically the process takes between 4-8 weeks to complete product development, but can vary depending on the complexity of the formula.
6Do I receive a sample of my formula?
Yes. We will send the first sample for approval 3 weeks after we have received a deposit and confirmed your project with a kickoff call.
7What is a benchmark product, and why do I need one?
A benchmark product is a product that already exists that is similar to what you are looking to create in regards to texture, color, ingredients, benefits, and performance. We ask that you have a benchmark because this really helps us understand what you are looking for in your product and often saves a lot of time in the formulation process.
8What if I am not happy with my formula?
That is ok! We strive to meet your expectations with excellence. You will have 3 opportunities for revisions to your formula. Often times having a benchmark product helps prevent any miscommunication In the development stages that may occur.
9Can I have a completely organic or all natural formula?
Yes. We can make your formula completely organic or all natural.
10Can I have a fully vegan and/ or cruelty free formula?
Yes. We can make your formula completely vegan and/ or cruelty free.
11Can my formula be gluten free?
Yes, we can create gluten free formulas.
12Can you create paraben free formulas?
Yes, we can create paraben free formulas.
13Do you offer preservative testing?
Yes, we offer preservative efficacy testing.
14Can you perform a stability test for my formula? Do I need this test?
Yes, upon request, we can do stability testing for formulas. While the stability test is not mandatory, it is important because it determines the shelf life of your product. If you are interested in getting your product into retail establishments, stability testing is mandatory. It is also mandatory for over the counter and specialty formulas. We always recommend stability testing, especially if your formula is very natural.
15What is the price to develop a formula?
Each formula is unique, so we customize our quoting process based on our clients' needs. There are no additional or hidden fees in our formulation services.
16What kind of design services do you offer?
We offer branding, logo design, & packaging design services. Choose from 1, 2, or all 3 of these services.
17What is the design process, and how long will it take for my project to be completed?
The design process happens simultaneously with the formulation process. Find our entire process on the Design Services page. The design process can take from 4-8 weeks.
18Do I have to purchase font licenses for my label design or packaging?
We use fonts that are free for commercial use, but if you choose a font that needs a license, you will be responsible for purchasing the commercial license. We will provide links and information for you on how to purchase your font's license. You will want to purchase the license because this is the font that will go on everything for your company from the label design, to the website, and marketing materials.
19What if I already have a logo?
If you already have a logo and are looking for us to apply it to your label, we will need a PDF of your logo, with the font outlined. If you do not have a logo file that is high quality. If we do not use a high quality file, the logo will appear blurry or distorted. If we have to recreate your logo, we will charge a fee for this service. We will need you to let us know the fonts used, & color codes used to do this.

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