About us

Lakerm Laboratories is a family-run business located in Florida that has brought together two enterprising women who have a deep passion for beauty.

We formulate and produce for our own brand and for third parties. Giving a personalized service guiding and supporting our clients from the initial stage of product creation through to the placing of the production on the market.

We are lucky to have a great team of professionals with extensive experience in creating products based on thorough research, which means that the results of our products are scientifically proven.

We ensure that we are continually updated on the latest scientific advances in active and inactive ingredients, allowing us to formulate highly effective products.

Our products are designed for efficient cell regeneration, helping the body to regenerate its own collagen and protecting the oxidation of the skin. We specialize, among other things, in effective anti-aging treatments and skin care, suitable for all ages.


Vision & Mission

Our philosophy is based on the manufacture of quality natural cosmetics combined with high-tech active and inactive ingredients to maximize results in cosmetics.

Innovation, high quality and effectiveness are three important factors that characterize our company in its aim to develop specialized product lines for the professional and consumer sectors.

We formulate and manufacture for third parties, adapting to the needs of our clients, offering support to make their systems dynamic, optimizing all the technical lines of manufacturing and design of their products.

Our product lines are specialized in areas such as hydration for all skin types, skin care, anti-aging, weight loss, essential oils, dietary supplements, among others.

Our formulations contain exclusive ingredients from different parts of the world supporting small artisan companies that harvest the raw materials in an environmentally and socially conscious manner, thus achieving the highest quality.

Our products are eco-friendly, we do not test on animals, free of parabens and paraffin, we do not use chemical fragrances.



  • Custom Cosmetic and Food Suplements Formulations
  • Full Ownership of Formula
  • Cosmetic Testing & Research Services
  • Production & Packaging Services
  • Market research
  • Marketing and Graphic Services


Contact us

Opening hours

9:00AM to 6:00PM

Tell us a bit about yourself and your ideas! A representative will contact you in the next 24 hours. Be sure to check the spam folder in your email account.


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